The story of a man who wants to go to the cinema.

Extraordinary Comedic Moments!
— Amazon Review
This is a very funny novel and I guffawed many times while reading this!
— Goodreads Review


Adam, who aspires to be alone, loves watching non-mainstream films at his local cinema – films that, thankfully, few people want to see. But when the cinema decides to stop showing these films, he must do the unthinkable: make more friends.. Read More

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Adam likes spending the afternoon in the cinema, where he can be alone – think he’s alone at least. He’ll sit at the front watching Bamboozled, a Spike Lee film. Nobody goes to see his films, not around here, not in the day – it’s like his own private cinema.... Read More

more banana references than the average novel.

Is grumpy the new sexy? Because if it is, this writer is hot!
— The Author's Hope
“If you like surreal humour like The IT Crowd, then I heartily recommend this book.” 
— Goodreads Review

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