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I love cinema, and I love storytelling. I write screenplays, I shoot short films. I’m often self-employed and spend many hours working from the café bars connected to various cinemas. So it’s no surprise that my first novel is set in a world surrounding indie cinema. Right now, as I type this, I’m lucky enough to be sitting in the Genesis cinema in Tower Hamlets, sitting on a comfy sofa while “Have I Sinned” by Donny Elberts plays through the speakers. Why do I love cinema so much? I don’t know – or care, come to think about it. Now they’re playing some Kate Bush – cool! See, the good thing about the Genesis is that the music is good too. Anyhow, I’ll blog about my favourite cinemas (there are many), later. This bit of my website is supposed to be about me.

I'm not just interested in cinema, or comedy. I write in other genres too. I love indie books, films and foreign language television series. I like lots of things. Through this site, I'll be showcasing my work, and I'll be writing a comedy and indie blog about things I'm passionate about.

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