Praise Me!

Welcome to Ego Central. This is where I will put a few selective things that have been said about me. It'll be both a refuge in times of sadness (for me) and a sales pitch for people who aren't sure whether they want to look at my work.

Happy reading y'all.

Goodreads /Amazon review quotes about The Screen Savers

“Very Funny”
“Extraordinarily comedic moments”
“If you like surreal humour like The IT Crowd, then I heartily recommend this book.” 
“This is a very funny novel and I guffawed many times while reading this.” 
“I really didn’t want to put it down”

Blake Snyder (Hollywood Screenwriting Guru) on a feature film I pitched him years ago:

Funny Bryan!!  This is a great poster.  You really have the "idea gene" keep at it, and keep pitching, the look in the eyes of a stranger who hears this is your best bet to know if it's "the one" but you will have a great 2009 if you keep coming up with clever high concepts like this! Best to you! 

-- Blake Snyder 

(You can see an example of my screenplay writing, for free, by looking at one of my entries for the excellent Create50 film competition here. Dead and Buried is a two minute romantic comedy set during an apocalypse.)
You can also read two dramas I submitted to the same competition here: Better Together and Dash.