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Reviewing the novel and sharing links to content on my social media/web pages can make a huge difference to a books release. Social proof they call it. It's one of the biggest factors affecting the success of a release -- that, plus, having a good novel. Currently, I need reviews on Goodreads and Amazon:

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Getting sales on release day is very important for indie authors as, for us, getting some momentum in the charts for places like Amazon, makes a huge difference. If our product gets noticed, places like Amazon will start marketing the novel for us. This is why, with our limited budgets, opening day sales (and the sales over the first few days) are so important. Reviews and sales on these sites, on the release of a novel, is paramount. For this reason we often release our books at a discount, for a limited period, on release. If you subscribe now, I'll email you over the release period for my future projects to let you know about new book and other products on release, you'll also get updates in the future about other projects/sneak peeks/discounts and other funny and cool things. I value your privacy, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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