Read My Impact 50 Scripts Here!

The premise of Impact 50 is that a meteor strike is pending, the result is certain death and there is no solution or salvation. The film covers the period from announcement of the impeding disaster, to the final destruction of the planet. What a great concept.

You had to write a 2 minute scene that fits in with this premise, plus a 15 second ending which gets shown at the end of the film. Fifty scripts are chosen and woven into the final film. I didn't make the final script with these scripts, but I love them all, and so here they are, for you, if you want to read them -- 2 related dramas set in that scenario, plus a romantic comedy!

You can read or download my 2 minute screenplay submissions here:

Dead And Buried (Romantic comedy set at the end of the world)
Better Together (Drama)
Dash (Drama -- follows on from Better Together)

Part of the process of submission required you to read and give feedback on other scripts. There were some great submissions to the competition and I hope the final film is successful!